Epicenter today

Epicenter K is a rapidly growing National Chain of Building and Home Improvement Hypermarkets.

Epicenter K opened its first hypermarket in Kyiv in 2003. During the following 10 years of nationwide expansion the company opened 40 hypermarkets (34 in various regions and 6 in the national capital).

We are constantly striving towards perfection by improving quality of our services and widening the range of our products and services to meet the needs of our customers to the fullest and implement in practice the main slogan of our company: The Customer Is Always Right. .

Every person living in Ukraine can find everything he needs for home construction, renovation, and improvement in one place, under one roof, and at affordable price. We sincerely hope that Epicenter K hypermarkets will become not just a place to buy construction materials but also a source of new ideas for home construction, improvement, and decoration.

Every day, more and more people in Ukraine choose Epicenter. Today, Epicenter K National Chain of Building and Home Improvement Hypermarkets is the winner of the 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 Choice of the Year, an international festival held in Ukraine in the 'Construction Materials Hypermarket Chain of the Year' nomination, a 2007 laureate of the Ukrainian Retail Olympus, an annual national award, in the 'National Construction Materials Hypermarket Chain' nomination, and the winner of the 2008 Brand of the Year national rating contest.

Goal and mission

Our goal
to create the most favorable conditions for home construction, renovation, and improvement for every person living in Ukraine.
Our mission - to provide Ukrainians with a wide range of good-quality affordable products, to save time of our customers using convenient service technologies and to provide a full range of products and services under one roof.
Our strategy
- to be the leader of Ukrainian retail market in 'from A to Z' format; to develop and expand our hypermarket chain to all region centers and large cities of Ukraine,to provide a wide choice of goods and ensure high-quality customer service.


Ukraine, 02139 Kyiv,
11, Bratyslavska Str.
Tel: +38 (044) 561-27-50,
+38 (044) 561-27-51

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KYIV, >> 11, Bratyslavska Str.; >> Epicentr K 1 str. Bratyslavska, 11; >> Epicentr K 2 str. Kiltseva, 1-B;  >> Epicentr K 3 str. Hryhorenka, 40;  >> Epicentr K 4 str. Viskozna, 4; >> Epicentr K 5 str. Kryshtaleva, 6;  >> Epicentr K 6 str. Berkovetska, 6-V; Cherkasy str. 30-riccha Peremogy, 29; Chernigiv Novoselvka, str. Shevchenko, 57; Chernivtsi str. Hotynska, 10-A; Dnipropetrovsk Yuvileynoe, str. Babenka, 25; Dnipropetrovsk-2 Zaporizhia highway , 62K; Donetsk Makiyvka, str. 250-richya Donbasa, 74; Donetsk-2 str. Shutova, 37; Gorlivka str. Marshala Jukova, 7; Ivano-Frankivsk   str. V. Ivasiuka, 17; Kamianets-Podilskyi Khmelnytsky highway, 11;  Kharkiv str. Haharina, 352; Kharkiv-2 str. Arkhitektoriv, 7; Kherson blvd. Berislavske, 17; Khmelnytskyi str. Zarichanska, 11/4; Kirovograd str. Popova, 8; Kryvyi Rih  str. Bykova, 33; Lugansk str. A. Lineva, 124; Lugansk-2  str. Vidrodzhennya, 1;  Lutsk Lypyny, str. Okruzhna, 37; Lviv str. Horodotska, 302; Mariupol Lenin avenue, 130; Mukacheve str. Lavkvska, 1-D;  Mykolaiv str. Zhovtnevyi, 234-B; Odesa 7th km, Ovidiopolska doroga, 1; Odesa-2 str. Zhukova , 99; Poltava Kyivske shosse, 41; Rivne str. Makarova, 17; Sevastopol str. Vdradna, 15; Simferopol str. Samokhvalova, 10-A;  Stryj str. Olega Olzhicha, 18; Ternopil str.Poliska, 7; Uzhgorod str. Babjaka, 7/1; Vinnytsia Zarvantsi, 1st km Khmelnytskyi highway, 1; Zaporizhzhja str. Zaporizjka, 1-V;